Fake News and Propaganda in the MENA-Region

Aktualisiert: 27. Okt. 2020

The German Information Center invited Judith Pies for a guest-lecture on the political (Social Media) communication context in the MENA-region.

Official newspapers in Egypt manipulated the photo above in the way that the then Egyptian president Mubarak looked like leading the Middle East delegation (manipulated) instead of the then US president Barak Obama (original). The photo illustrates how manipulation is ingrained into the often state-owned media culture in the MENA-region. (Foto: Screenshot of the lecture-PPT)

The German Information Center (GIC) is one of the regional public diplomacy centres of the German Foreign Ministry. It publishes up-to-date news about German politics and society via its German-Arabic website and its social media channels.

In November 2018, the GIC conducted a conference on social media in the MENA-region. Judith Pies was invited to talk about the political communication context in the region and how it has changed since social media have been playing an ever growing role for public communication.